2020 Girls Student Spotlight – Meet Caitlyn!

CD102-0108-ITEC-111-20s-conflicted-copy-2016-05-06-300x188 2020 Girls Student Spotlight - Meet Caitlyn!

Say hello to Caitlyn, our superstar Student Spotlight! She’s a 2020 Girl who’s passionate about making the most of every opportunity and women leveling the STEM field when it comes males dominating STEM careers.

We took a moment to sit down and chat with Caitlyn about why ITEC’s 2020 Girls the best!

What made you want to join 2020 Girls?

C: It opens up a bunch of different career opportunities and I wanted to start building a resume for college.

What’s been your favorite part of class so far?

C: I really like the instructors. Most of them are younger or closer to our age, and you can connect with them on a different level. It’s easier to relate to them. They made it a lot more challenging and made you engaged by planning different activities.

What’s the most important skill you believe you’ve learned so far?

C: I really like the empowering part of the program. Just because you’re a girl doesn’t mean that you can’t do something that males dominate. This program makes me feel like they won’t be dominating it for long.

What will you do with your new skills over the summer?

C: Expand them.

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