Instructors and Volunteers

ITEC’s instructors, tutors and volunteers provide cutting edge instruction in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) at locations throughout the Lansing area. Learn more about becoming a tutor or volunteer. Sign up for our eNewsletter for stories about our instructors and volunteers!

Instructors/Assistant Instructors

GrantsPhoto2-300x199 Instructors and VolunteersMorgan Blake (K-12 Programs – 2020 Girls)
A.J. Euscher
(K-12 Programs – iMath)
Benjamin Fuhrman
 (K-12 Programs – Techtronics)
Brandon Price (K-12 Programs – iMath)
Adovia Alston (K-12 Programs – 2020 Girls)
Ashley Brendel (K-12 Programs – 2020 Girls and Techtronics)
Camile Molina (K-12 Programs – iMath)
Ajee Hurst (K-12 Programs – iMath)
Aliya Krall (K-12 Programs – 2020 Girls)
Justine McCauley (K-12 Programs – iMath)
Tamika McLean (K-12 Programs – Techtronics)
Ashley Nettleman (K-12 Programs – Techtronics)
GrantsPhoto2-300x199 Instructors and Volunteers
Eleanor Rappolee (K-12 Programs – iMath)
Eric Holst (K-12 Programs – 2020 Girls and Techtronics)
Erin Dembowski (K-12 Programs – 2020 Girls)
Brianna Tabaczka (K-12 Programs – iMath)
Mykina Williams (K-12 Programs – iMath)
Elise Wise (K-12 Programs – iMath)
Jourdan Malewitz (K-12 Programs – iMath)
Katie Stimetz (K-12 Programs – 2020 Girls)
Katie zurBurg (K-12 Programs – iMath)
Michael Stewart (K-12 Programs – iMath)
Pranav Kannan (K-12 Programs – iMath)
Savannah Fannon (K-12 Programs – iMath)
Terrion Maxwell (K-12 Programs – 2020 Girls and Techtronics)
Trudie Wilson (K-12 Programs – 2020 Girls)
Vernon Cox, Jr. (K-12 Programs – iMath and Techtronics)


Chuhao Yan (iMath)GrantsPhoto2-300x199 Instructors and Volunteers
Chenxin Yu (iMath)
Brad Gustafson (Techtronics)
Ken Ngo (iMath)
Kurt Henderson (Techtronics)