Instructor Involvement: Ashley Nettleman

image1-e1481659895909-300x252 Instructor Involvement: Ashley Nettleman

How it all began…

I was sitting in my drafting class in eighth grade, I had been to two different middle school workshops about women in math, science, and engineering careers and a Women In Science and Engineering (WISE) week-long day camp at the University of Michigan. That following summer I attended the Math, Science, and Technology program at Michigan State University. I now have a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

What do you teach for ITEC?

I have taught Game Design, Raspberry Pi, Scratch, App Design, Web Design, Digital Media, 3D Printing and of course Lego Robotics to middle schoolers. I’ve done after school, winter break, spring break, summer sessions, and home school sessions.

Why did you join ITEC’s team?

I loved the programs I went to as a middle schooler and wanted to help provide similar experiences for others. I also wanted to coach a FIRST Lego League team (FLL), and ITEC allowed me the opportunity to extend their reach to include FLL teams.

What is your favorite part of tutoring?

Seeing the “Aha” moment for kids when they finally get it. Each kid has a different moment and it is a fun challenge to figure out how they learn. It is also neat learning from the students. I tend to answer kids questions with a question, so they have the opportunity to figure it out for themselves.

I also get to teach the kids about dial up and floppy disks (they need to know what the save icon is based on!)

Have you seen any improvements in the students since you began tutoring?

Oh yeah! During the week-long camps, a group of kids that barely know each other can become good friends. I have them do quite a few presentations. I really should take the first ones so they can watch it on the last day to see how far they have come. Most of the time they don’t realize how much better they have gotten at presentations.