Need a place to share and store files? Put them in Dropbox!

Remember the days when file sharing was strictly done through email? Well, today non-profits, small businesses and even individuals can use fast and easy secure cloud storage websites, like Dropbox, to share and store files. Here are some simple steps to set up Dropbox:


  • Zero to Low-Cost Cloud Storage – You can choose from Dropbox’s free 2GB account or one of their paid packages offering more storage space. Dropbox syncs your team’s work across all of your devices: computers, phones or tablets. No more sorting through eight versions of the same report! No more scrambling to get a hold of the documents you forgot to bring to your meeting!



  • Downloading Dropbox – Dropbox can be installed on your desktop so that you can navigate it the same way you would with regular files and folders. There are easy step-by-step instructions and a help wizard that will walk you through the installation.



  • Uploading & Organizing Items – At the top of Dropbox accounts online, there are simple icons for downloading files, creating new folders, sharing folders and deleting items, each offering easy, step-by-step directions. Can’t remember where you placed something? No worries — there is also a search bar. If you have Dropbox installed on your desktop, you can upload files by dropping them into the proper folder. Anything you can save to your computer, you can save to your Dropbox, no matter the file type.



  • Sharing Items With Others – Share files or folders with anyone, whether they are Dropbox account holders or Non-Dropbox account holders. You have three ways to share folders:


1.     Inviting Recipients- Enter in one or several recipient email addresses to give them access to files and folders of your choice.

2.     URL Links: Dropbox creates a URL link to each file or folder that you’d like to share.

3.     Social Media Networks: Dropbox’s URL links for your files or folders can be posted on Twitter or Facebook, but if you want to share on               Facebook, you first have to allow Dropbox to access your account.


  • Storage Restrictions – There is no size limit for individual files you upload to Dropbox, as long as they fit within your account’s storage quota. If you are over your storage quota, Dropbox will stop syncing until you are below your limit. If you’re thinking about upgrading, the cheapest available plan provides 100 GB of Dropbox space for $99 per year.


Dropbox Need a place to share and store files? Put them in Dropbox! 

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