Teamwork, Robots & Ice Cream

It’s been less than a year at Foster Community Center, and we’ve seen some exciting updates for ITEC.

ITEC’s Summer Camp registration is open, a record-breaking 6 FULL Everyday Digital classes kick off in a matter of weeks, and we’re counting down the days to our Foster Community Center Ice Cream Social Open House and Summer Camp Sign-Up.

The Summer Camp sign-up is the result of partnerships with LCC, the YMCA and Lansing Parks & Rec, creating one large registration session, allowing local families to get all their summer plans made, set and on the books while school is still in session. Together, we’ll have kids building robots, creating movies, and programming games all summer long.

In addition to ice cream, the Open House includes a Robot Showcase, with a demonstration of a whole gang of robots designed and built by local middle school students. They dance, play games, and follow intricate commands–we’re thrilled to show off what they’ve made.

Also launching this summer are a series of East Side Neighborhood computer courses, designed specifically for adults. Our two-hour evening courses cover topics like online financial management, social media, Microsoft Office skills, internet security and more. Once instructors are finalized, we’ll be ready to launch.

Exciting to be part of so much activity and teamwork on Lansing’s East Side.

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