February 2017: Savanna Collins

Savanna-300x168 February 2017: Savanna Collins

Meet Savanna Collins, a 5th grader, who spent her time this summer attending our 2020 Girls Summer Camps. Savanna also was one of the first students to step onto the completed TechTransport. Along with her mother, Heather Johnson, they are excited to share their experience at both ITEC and the TechTransport bus.

Savanna: I made of couple of video games in 2020 Girls this summer. In Digital Media, we made a movie and I think that was pretty fun. I also learned in LEGO robotics that you can put together almost anything that you want to. We made a LEGO robot and we had to be very creative for that because we had to make it stand up and be able to move.

Question: Tell me about walking onto the TechTransport?

When I was in the bus, it was pretty cool because of the lights on it.

Question: What’s the best thing about the bus?

 I was able to control the lights with my friend, Raquel, who I had met in 2020 girls that summer.

Question: What’s your favorite memory of being in ITEC?

I think my favorite memory was being able to meet new girls and try new things that I’ve never done before.


Question: After taking our 2020 girls courses, what changes have you seen in Savanna?

Heather: I think ITEC is doing a good job at empowering the girls to feel like they can do things that people wouldn’t assume that they’d be able to do. Showing them an interest that maybe they didn’t know they had. There were things that she felt that she could do easily and there was also a challenge there for her and I’m really about her growth and her progression, so challenges are definitely good.

Question: What excites you as a parent about the TechTransport?

It’s pretty cool to be in a creative environment to learn. I think that a lot of the times kids can get so caught up in the atmosphere that they don’t even realize they are learning and that they are there to actually demonstrate something new or try something new, and so just taking them out of the classroom and kind of take that cap off for them.

Question: Do you think these classes and this bus could help shape the career path your daughter takes?

Any kind of technology other than your generic computer class is awesome because that’s what I had in school.

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