Instructor Spotlight: Matthew Baker

DSC_4018-199x300 Instructor Spotlight: Matthew Baker
Matthew Baker is an iMath instructor at North Elementary

What made you want to join ITEC?
“I was on Handshake, MSU’s job website,  and ITEC really stood out because I have helped my little brothers and sisters with math. I thought that was really fun because I’ve always enjoyed math since I was little. That’s why I went into engineering. So, when I saw ‘math tutor,’ I knew I would enjoy it and I have enjoyed it a lot.”

If you could tell your friends something about ITEC what would it be? 
“It is really helpful to the kids. Doing Math for the extra time outside of school really helps. When they have an instructor there who is in a mentorship role and understanding the problems they’re facing, it really gives them a new outlook on their ability. It means a lot to help them understand these concepts, and watch them grow.”

DSC_4018-199x300 Instructor Spotlight: Matthew Baker

Matthew helps Eshak with his iMath assignment at North Elementary.

What did you see yourself doing growing up?
“I wanted to be a dentist for a while, just because I thought,
they would just stop by, fix up the teeth and make a lot of money. But then I once I got older, I decided engineering was better suited for my interests. I was always good at math and science
and that pushed me in that direction as I grew up.

What is your favorite book and why?
“‘The Things They Carry’ was a good book I read in high school.” It was a very deep book and went into a lot of what people went through during wartime in Vietnam.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
“Invisibility—sneaking around and being able to see whatever could be interesting!”


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