July 2015: Malaysia

Meet 10-year-old Malaysia, a standout student from our 2020 Girls program this past school year.

Malaysia-Miles_1-300x192 July 2015: Malaysia

Malaysia attended the STEM Club for young women everyday after school at Mt. Hope Elementary. Her favorite activity, of the many she participated in over the course of the program, was designing her own video games on Gamestar Mechanic. “I loved making new really hard levels,” she said. “I don’t like making things too easy.” When Malaysia wasn’t busy devising video game levels that would make even the best gamer break a sweat, she also enjoyed experimenting with app design, wherein she learned the basics of coding and how to use tools to create an app of her own.
Malaysia’s mother, Sharita Miles, expressed how much she believed 2020 Girls helped her daughter in school. “We saw big improvements for Malaysia in math once she started the program,” she said. “I think it also helped her learn to open up to her fellow classmates and become much more outgoing.” Sharita enjoyed 2020 Girls in her own way. She noted that with Malaysia staying in school for a few extra hours each day, Sharita had plenty of time to catch up on her own reading.

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