May 2016: Brayden

DSC_1609-2 May 2016: Brayden

12-year-old Brayden probably wouldn’t crack ITEC’s top 50 most enthusiastic kids to begin camp on the first-day list (if there was such a thing). Especially since he was forced to sign up for the LEGO Robotics course against his will. “My mom said I needed to get out of the house more,” he said. “She was tired of me just laying around all summer.”

Luckily, things turned around quickly for Brayden after his first day in the program. “I didn’t really want to come at first, but after I started to build things, I noticed it was fun and wanted to keep doing it.”

Currently, Brayden is working on what he said is his favorite project of the week; constructing a rattlesnake composed completely out of LEGOs. When it’s finished it will be programmed to move and as he put it “attack the legs of anyone who comes near”.

When asked if he would attend another ITEC camp, Brayden answered, “Of course I would. My mom won’t even have to make me this time.”

In his spare time, Brayden likes to lie around and watch shows on Cartoon Network, or sling birds into towers on the iPad app “Angry Birds”. He also is a huge basketball fan but since the NBA is currently in the offseason, he can’t watch it on television right now.

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