May 2017: Maddie

507A0368-1-1024x765 May 2017: Maddie

Meet Maddie, a 6th grader, who is part of the 2020 Girls program at Wexford Montessori Academy. Maddie has been in 2020 Girls for three years, and is very passionate about the program. She is always open to sharing her ITEC experience with others.

Question: Why did you join 2020 Girls?

I joined 2020 Girls because it’s a STEAM program, and it involved one of my favorite subjects: math. I also liked how it’s an all girls program, and it has a strong message.

Question: What has been your favorite part of the program so far?

I like Technovation because it’s a worldwide challenge. It’s fun because we have to work together in a competitive environment against teams from all around the world. It’s a really cool idea because it’s using technology to try and fix real world problems.

Question: If you could tell your friend something about this program, what would it be?507A0368-1-1024x765 May 2017: Maddie

2020 Girls is a very fun, inspiring and empowering program. If you like STEAM, engineering and mathematics, it is a very welcoming program that all girls should join.

Question: What is the most important skill you’ve learned in the program so far?

 I’ve learned a lot about computers, and I feel much more confident than I was before joining 2020 Girls.

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