Interview: Dan R.

Dan R., a native of Saginaw, Michigan came to Lansing over 10 years ago. A retired General Motors worker of 32 years, Dan is now a past or at the New Creations Evangelistic Ministries in the city. A husband and father of two, Dan shares his experience with taking the Everyday Digital course and how he plans to use his new-found computer skills to help members of his ministry.

DanR-200x300 Interview: Dan R.


Q: What made you want to take the Everyday Digital course?

A: Well, I’ve done many things in my life and computers was not one of them. I felt a little intimidated in fact, because I could not type and I didn’t really know how to navigate a computer correctly, it made me feel unprepared. So when I heard about the ITEC class, I thought I’d give it a try, and what I was trying to do was bridge the gap of being where you look at this machine and you feel like “well it’s something that you shouldn’t mess with and you don’t want to get into because it’s too difficult, it’s too hard.” That’s what really made me want to get into this class.


Q: What was your favorite part about taking the Everyday Digital course?

A: The basic class is my favorite because it made me aware that the computer was nothing to be intimidated by. It was something that I really needed to get into and practice more, and it made me feel comfortable. I think the instructors had a big part of that. Judy and Sarah were very helpful and patient and you could see their passion. They love what they’re doing and they don’t mind sharing. I think that’s what made me really feel comfortable is that they made me feel comfortable in attending the class. I didn’t feel like “well, I’m out of place” and “this is too difficult for me.” So I think that was my favorite part.


Q: What was the most challenging part about taking the course?

A: I think the most challenging was following the directions on the computer like copying and pasting into folders, or understanding the icons and trying to remember what everything meant. It was fun, but it was challenging.


Q: What’s the most important lesson that you’ve taken away from taking the course?

A: The most important lesson I think is not to be intimidated by something that you’ve been around all your life, even though you’ve never tackled it yourself, don’t let that stop you from really finding out how it works. Also I think a powerful lesson for me is that you have to really search out avenues and keep asking questions because I really would have never heard about ITEC if I hadn’t of kept calling the library and insisted that there was something else.


Q: If there was one thing you could tell a person who’s interested in potentially taking an Everyday Digital course, what would you tell them?

A: What I’d tell someone thinking about taking the course is to really think about do they really want to improve on their own personal growth. This is growing process. It has really expanded my growth. I’m not intimidated, I think the gap has been bridged and I’m not afraid of a computer now. I can sit down now and play with it, and if I make a mistake, it’s all right! I think it’s a great adventure and I’m so glad I did this because now I’ve learned something new and I can go and practice and play with things and it’s a challenge I can put behind me instead of in front me where I’ve never taken this step. It’s like being on the outside never afraid to come in because it’s not for you. But I’ve learned that it is for me and I can do this.


Q: What do you plan to do with everything that you’ve learned in the class?

A: I’ve been looking at setting up a business online with my own format and outline. What I’ve done is set up a method of teaching myself some of the things that I’ve learned and using that to help others in my ministry.