Interview: Kelli D.


Say hello to Kelli D., a wife and mother of 2 and proud grandmother of two beautiful children. As a minister with the Huron Valley Women’s Prison Ministries, Kelli is working toward building her network and gaining valuable skills. Kelli chats with us about her KellyD Interview: Kelli D.Everyday Digital experience.


Q: What made you want to take the Everyday Digital course?

A: Just to get familiar with maneuvering around the internet and being able to find what I want and need for anything.


Q: What has been your favorite part about taking the course?

A: I’d have to say learning to maneuver on the internet and be able to find what I want and need. Being confident with Microsoft Word.


Q: What was the most challenging part about completing the course?

A: The instructors made it real easy, and they are really well presented, so you get a real one-on-one. The challenges were met by everyone but they’re handled in a one-on-one atmosphere. That was what I really liked about it, is the fact that you did get one-on-one attention.


Q: If there was anything that you’d tell someone who’s interested in taking the course, what is it that you’d tell them?

A: I’d tell them that it’s great for everyone. The hours are very accommodating, so whether you’re retired, unemployed, or employed, you can work it out as far as the hours go. You can come in the morning, you can come at night and the lab hours are also very good. There’s a lot of flexibility with the schedules and anybody can start no matter what level you’re at with computers.