Interview: Lego Robotics Student

By day, this Lansing area middle school student attends his general classes; however, after school, he builds fully functioning robots and learns about programming and engineering during the ITEC Lego Robotics program. ITEC had a chance to catch up with the builder to ask him a couple of questions about his journey into the world of androids.Kyaw-H Interview: Lego Robotics Student

Q: You have taken two classes after school with ITEC both Game Design and Lego Robotics. Which class do you like the best?

A: Lego Robotics

Q: What do you like most about the class?

A: Building the robots because I usually don’t build with Legos at home

Q: What was your favorite robot to build so far?

A: The one where it moves across the floor and picks up a ball

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?

A: An engineer so I can build more robots

Q:Do you think you will take another Lego Robotics class?

A: Yes, they are a lot of fun