Interview: Anthony H.

DSCN0232-300x225 Interview: Anthony H.Anthony H., age 12, loves video games and computers, and having the opportunity to actually build a video game rather than just play them all summer opened his eyes to a future career. Here is what Anthony had to say about his summer camp experience during an ITEC Science and Art of Game Design class at the Oak Park YMCA in Lansing.

Q: Why did you decide to take the ITEC Science and Art of Game Design class this summer?

Anthony: I really like video games and play them all the time. I thought it would be interesting to learn how to build them.

Q: How many games have you built and what one was your favorite?

Anthony: I’ve built around 10 games, and I really enjoyed building the Parkour game. It’s like a virtual Parkour course.

Q: What did you like the most about your summer camp?

Anthony: How much fun it was and it dealt with my favorite hobby, video games. It was my first ITEC class and I really enjoyed it. I would probably take a class like it again.

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Anthony: A computer programmer because it would be fun and I could build my own computer.

Q: What is your favorite subject in school?

Anthony: Science. I understand it. Plus, without science and math, video games wouldn’t be as realistic or programmed correctly.