Interview with Ana C.


Ana C., a fourth grade student at Sheridan Road Elementary School started taking an ITEC after school program in December. In just a short amount of time students such as Ana feel more confident about their math skills and enjoy learning math. Here is what Ana and her mother had to say about her iMath after school program experience.

DSCN10381-300x239 Interview with Ana C.

Q: What’s your favorite part of iMath?

Working on the computer and learning new things.

Q: Has iMath helped you in math class during the school year?

It’s helped me a lot. It helped me get better at fractions and telling time.

Q: What would you tell a kid who was thinking about joining iMath?

It will help you a lot in school and you won’t have to ask the teacher a lot of questions’ cause it gives you the questions right on the computer.


Melissa, Ana’s mother says…

 “In the math papers she brings home, her scores are much better… Once she started in math tutoring, it began to get easier.”

“Probably the biggest improvement is in her self-esteem. I finally heard her say last night, “I’m smart!”

“It doesn’t feel laborious to her — she enjoys going. There was a time she had to miss tutoring for a dentist appointment and she was really disappointed. It makes it fun for her.”