Interview: Subhiksha S. and Anna S.

Subhiksha-S.-and-Anna-S.-300x228 Interview: Subhiksha S. and Anna S.Two future women of STEM were caught having fun building and programming robots in an ITEC Lego Robotics summer camp at Lansing Community College. Nine-year-old Subhiksha S. (left) and eight-year-old Anna S. (right)  both enjoy learning more about what they can do with one of their favorite toys, Legos.

Q: Outside of camp, do you build robots often?

Both: No. We both love building with legos, but we can’t program them outside of camp.

Q: Is that why you decided to take a Lego robotics class?

Subhiksha: Yes. I like Legos and thought it would be cool to learn how to program them to do things.

Anna: I really like Legos too, and I wanted to learn more about robotics.

Q: What have you enjoyed most about the Lego Robotics camp?

Subhiksha: Learning to program with Legos. It’s different from home where I can only build with them.

Anna: I really enjoyed building. It’s a lot of fun and comes easy to me.

Q: What are your favorite school subjects?

Subhiksha: Math. It’s very interesting and there’s so many different things to learn.

Anna: Science. My dad is a science teacher, and you can learn so much about so many different things.

Q: Why do you feel science and math are important?

Subhiksha: If you don’t know anything about math, it will be very difficult to understand things in the future. It’s a main subject.

Anna: With science there are a lot of things that it involves including the zoo and doing experiments with animals. I definitely want to do something in the future that involves science and animals.