Signing up for classes at ITEC: A Note from our Executive Director

2c68b369-937e-4741-b5a3-9319a6ed0f54-240x300 Signing up for classes at ITEC: A Note from our Executive DirectorAn ITEC supporter approached me recently with a question. “How do I sign up my child for ITEC? It’s not clear how you do that,” he said. I explained that ITEC almost always holds classes in “someone else’s house,” meaning in area schools, mainly Lansing schools, and at community-based organizations including the YMCA and the library.  ITEC goes where the students are, especially after school, and builds those organizations’ capacity to provide STEM programs. “But what if your child isn’t in one of those schools and you don’t live near one of those organizations,” he said.

Well, I explained, you’re in luck. This fall ITEC is offering new programs at our headquarters in the Foster Community Center. You can see those on our 2016-2017 ITEC Calendar. They include the formation of two First Lego League (FLL) teams, which are currently doing engineering challenges and preparing for competitions in South Lyon and Grand Rapids. The success of these classes has inspired us to open winter classes at Foster beginning in January.

Starting the week of January 16th, we will be offering a Scratch class for kindergarten through  third-grade students and 3-D Printing, Raspberry Pi and Lego Robotics courses for older students on week nights and Saturdays. These classes, as well as our Winter Break Camps, are posted on the calendar and can be registered for today!

And that’s not all. ITEC is debuting our technology bus, the TechTransport, this fall. You can sign up your student up for a free demonstration today by visiting the page, and clicking the “Sign Up Here!” link. These fall demonstrations are helping to gear up for our full TechTransport courses, also beginning in January.

Our supporter had a good point, of course. Usually, you have to be in a particular place to sign up for ITEC. Over the coming year, and as I hope is clear from the note above, that will be changing. ITEC will be unveiling new computer labs here at the Foster Community Center, what we’re calling the ITEC Innovation Lab. We are looking to transform the first floor of Foster into a high-tech learning hub.

As usual, we would like you to be part of these changes at ITEC!

Please support our programs.
Please sign your student up today.
Please tell your friends.

In gratitude,

Kirk Riley
Executive Director