Student Interview: Getting Off the Couch with Claire

I was warned before my interview with 9-year-old Claire that our conversation would be nothing short of entertaining. She did not disappoint. I quickly learned that Claire and I, though more than a decade apart in age, were very much alike.  She made it clear that anything involving leaving the couch probably wouldn’t fall on her list of favorite things to do (I can definitely relate there). But when we began to discuss her involvement with 2020 Girls, we came to the conclusion that ITEC programs are one thing that will always get her up and moving.


Q: How did you hear about 2020 girls?

A: I was in the Parks and Recreation summer camp last month and I walked by a classroom of kids making LEGO robots. I asked my mom if I could sign up when she picked me up because I love making things.

Q: Awesome! What did you build this week?

A: I made a door alarm, a steering rover and designed my own sketchpad. I wanted to make a gigantic robotic horse but we didn’t get to that this time.

Q: That’s a lot for one week though! Sounds like you were working pretty hard.

A: Yes, but last week was much more challenging.

Q: You were here last week as well?

A: Yes! For 2020 Girls B.

Q: Nice! So you’re an ITEC veteran now. What was so challenging about 2020 Girls B?

A: We had to design our own games with 7 different levels.

Q: That does sound pretty challenging!

A: No, that was actually pretty easy. The challenging part was coming up with a name for my game.

Q: I see. I didn’t consider that aspect. What did you come up with?

A: I called it Fighting School.

Q: That’s an interesting name. Do you dislike school?

A: No, I don’t mind school. I just hate leaving my couch. I like to relax with my kindle and read, watch Minecraft videos or get on Kids Youtube. My mom made me take a volleyball class once, but after 2 weeks I refused to go anymore. I ‘d rather stay at home.

Q: Wow! Well you did ask to do 2020 Girls A and B. So if you ask me, you only get off the couch for things that are worthwhile.

A: Yeah. If it’s not going to be fun I don’t even waste my time.


We did some quick math and calculated that Claire got off the couch a total of 10 times to come to 2020 girls in those two weeks. She must have really been enjoying herself! And why shouldn’t she? Throughout the summer, 2020 Girls programs gave Capital-area girls the opportunity to build, create, explore, and make friends.

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