Everyday Digital

Contact Sarah Szwejda at sarah@iteclansing.org or call 517-708-4392 to register today!

ITEC Everyday Digital courses are aimed at novice computer users. This program has separate 5 week sessions designed to support underemployed and unemployed workers and other adults by developing a greater sense of confidence and capability for living in today’s increasingly technology-dependent world. ITEC helps people move from paper-and-pencil to the digital age in a way that is most relevant to their personal goals.

Everyday Digital is offered mornings or evenings at Foster Community Center and the OakPark YMCA. The ITEC computer lab holds open lab times five days a week to give students a chance to practice their skills and finish assignments. ITEC Everyday Digital classes are offered at a low cost based upon income, with students paying $50 or less for 5 weeks.