Lego Robotics

Arshaun C web 300x289 Lego Robotics

ITEC is leading their first competitive Lego Robotics Team! Our team, the Titans, consists of seven Lansing area students ranging from 9-13 years old. Over the past month, the students have been meeting twice per week at the Boys and Girls Club of Lansing.

The instructor, Kelli Lewis, has been leading the team and preparing them for the regional competition, Spartan First Lego League Challenge.

In addition building robots and programing them for missions, the students learn to apply STEM skills in a hands-on environment. By taking part in the Lego Robotics Team, the students are exposed to 21st Century learning skills such as creativity, cooperation, problem solving and organization.

The 2012 theme, determined by the First Lego League Challenge Advisory Team, is Senior Solutions. The topic was chosen by experts who developed the challenge to improve the quality of life for seniors by helping them continue to be independent, engaged, and connected in their communities.

The teams are required to develop a unique solution for a problem given to them by a senior citizen. The Titans wrote a skit which they will act out during the competition.

ITEC is proud to thank TechSmith for sponsoring the Titans. Their donation will be used to cover instructor costs, Lego Robot Kits, and team t-shirts.