2020 Girls Giving Society

2020 Girls Giving Society

The 2020 Girls Giving Society was created by a group of local women leaders to provide funding to sustain and grow 2020 Girls STEM Clubs in the Lansing area. Joan Bauer of the Women’s Leadership Council and Diana Tarpoff, Director of the R.E. Olds Foundation, wanted to create a group that had seen the impact of the 2020 Girls program and believed in the ways it positively affected girl’s decisions to pursue STEM careers.

2020 Girls Giving Society Membership Annual Giving Level

$1,000 and up Annually, COBOL Sustaining Member

Admiral Grace Hopper was one of the first female programmers, the first women to graduate from Yale with a Ph.D. in mathematics and the first woman to reach the rank of Admiral in the U.S. Navy. Admiral Hopper developed COBOL (Common Business-Oriented Language) and was credited with popularizing the terms “bug” and “debugging” when she had to remove a moth from inside of a computer

Samantha Amburgey
Joan Bauer
Dr. Carol Beals
Teri Bernero
Deborah Canja
Stella Cash
April Clobes
Lisa Corless
Connie Donovan
Dr. Hiram and Dolores Fitzgerald
R.E. Olds Foundation
Risè Knight
Diana Tarpoff
Ken Theis
June Youatt, in honor of the MSU College of Engineering Women

$500 Annually, ENIAC Member

ENIAC was the world’s first general-purpose computer. Six brilliant women programmed the first digital computer for the US Army – but they never received credit for their work.

Sue Davis
Joe Findlater
Michelle Massey
Emily Matthews
Dru Mitchell
Kimberly Shapiro
Lisa Webb Sharpe
Jane Turner

$250 Annually, BASIC Member

BASIC, short for Beginners, All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code, is a beginner-friendly, high-level programming language, and one of the first programming languages that enabled non-scientists to use computers.

Vicki Allen-Hamilton
Teri Battaglieri
Dominic Carbone
April Clark
Mary Clark
Sara Dolan
Susi Elkins
Nancy Elwood
Christine and Dave Hollister
Cindy Kosloski
Nancy Lubeski
Sue Macleod
Lorelee McCleary
Charles Mickens
Helen Mickens
Lori Mullins
Donna Oade
Julie Pingston
Barbara Roberts Mason
Kelly Rossman-McKinney
Angelia Salas
Dave Trumpie
Rose Zack

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See photos of the 2020 Girls Giving Society Kick-Off event on September 30th 2015 

For more information on the 2020 Girls Giving Society, please contact Sam Ansaldi, 2020 Girls program coordinator, at sam@iteclansing.org or (517) 708-4396.