Who We Are

DSCN0076-300x225 Who We Are

ITEC prepares Lansing-area students to participate in a global knowledge economy by increasing their technology skills. We are a nonprofit, collaborative partnership of community, education, business, and government.

Impact: While the demand for information technology professionals continues to grow, student interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) has declined. Through creatively designed after school and summer programs, ITEC improves performance in these subjects as well as in robotics, writing and digital media. ITEC is making an impact in Lansing by developing the region’s talent and encouraging continued involvement in STEM.
ITEC’s iMath, 2020 Girls, and Techtronics programs increase local students’ educational performance and foster confidence among Lansing area residents in their ability to compete professionally.

Vision: To enable all Lansing area residents to acquire flexible, transferable technological skills that will allow them to participate in a fast-paced global economy.