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Luke Kane
Executive Director
(517) 708-4391

Luke has worked with youth for over 10 years, doing research, instruction, and mentoring, including a period of time serving as ITEC’s Education Director. As the Executive Director, Luke will be working to expand and improve ITEC’s programs and impact on the Lansing community, as well as highlighting the connection between STEM programming and how those skills are used in relevant careers. His area of interest is in examining whether the experience of designing games has a positive impact on students’ computational thinking and problem solving skills.

image009-205x300-205x300 StaffSam Ansaldi
Director of Education
(517) 708-4396

Sam Ansaldi is ITEC’s Education Director, and is responsible for leading the growth of our youth STEM‐focused educational programming, working with educators and staff on program and curriculum development, school and community outreach, instructor and classroom management, and student and program outcome evaluation. Sam is a seasoned STEM Education Specialist with a vast background in modern educational methodology and technologically advanced teaching applications.