Techtronics Program

Afterschool-Robotics Techtronics Program

Whether you’re making your own movie, designing video games or building and controlling robots, Techtronics is the place to be in Lansing! ITEC partners with dozens of schools and community organizations throughout the Capital Region to provide exciting, hands-on learning experiences. During the summer, students ages 9-13 can sign up for four-day or week-long technology camps at various locations in Lansing.

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For more information on the success of our Techtronics programs, check out the 2015-16 Techtronics Impact Report.

Afterschool-Robotics Techtronics Program

Courses Offered


Lego Robotics

This class teaches basic concepts of engineering and technology while actively testing students’ construction, programming, and design skills. Working and playing with LEGO® Mindstorms makes it easy to integrate fun and learning as they are shown how interesting robots can be.

Students will build their own functioning robot and will use it to participate in competitions. Learn to build and control your own robots in our basic skills course, or take your learning to the next level with our Advanced LEGO® Robotics!


The Science of Art and Game Design

The Science and Art of Game Design Club is a joint effort between ITEC and the Serious Game Design program at Michigan State University. Working together with real game designers, students will explore the science and technology involved with game design, learn how to apply new skills and prior knowledge to game design, and discuss how to make games fun. This is done by playing a wide range of games, improving existing games, and even creating games completely from scratch.

Students may take part in game design challenges, where they can compete against other schools to make the best game they can on a particular theme.


Digital Media

ITEC offers digital media classes in collaboration with faculty and artists from Michigan State University. The course will enable students to design their own media – a composition of their own ideas, interests, and passions. They will use computer technology, video technology, and music to learn about synthesis, arrangement, composing, and other literacy skills. They will also be introduced to the professions which use these skills and be invited to imagine themselves in these roles, both as part of the project and in their future education and careers.

Come join us for an introduction to basic media design and publishing. Working as a small group, you and your team will create music videos, animations, a short movie or a documentary, and learn to shoot, edit, and publish your work.


Afterschool-Robotics Techtronics ProgramAfterschool-Robotics Techtronics ProgramAfterschool-Robotics Techtronics Program


Scratch Coding

Create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art. Scratch is a fun way to learn mathematical and computational ideas while gaining a deeper understanding of the process of design.

In ITEC Scratch classes, students design their own media while learning the basics of computer programming. With their imagination and a little bit of Scratch, students create animations and games and tell their own stories.




Mobile Application Design

Have you ever wanted to make your own mobile application, but you don’t know code? Fortunately, developers at MIT and Google teamed up to create an educational programming interface that is accessible, fun, and relevant.

ITEC’s App Design course teaches the basics of programming for the Android mobile operating system through the use of the Google App Inventor software. Students will learn all about Android hardware, the basics of coding, and how to use tools to create an app of their own. By the end of the class students will have created dozens of apps and will walk away with the necessary skills to continue exploring and creating independently.


Web Design

FAfterschool-Robotics Techtronics Programrom professional business pages to personal blogs, it seems like everyone has their own website these days. With a little bit of help from ITEC, you can learn how to create your own.

In ITEC’s Web Design class, students will become familiar with the fundamentals of designing and maintaining their own blog or website. By using the WordPress design suite (as used by the Official EBay Blog, CNN and the Wall Street Journal) students will walk away with an understanding of one of the most popular and powerful interfaces available. Students will learn how to safely publish quality content while honing their writing and computer skills.



Raspberry Pi

Afterschool-Robotics Techtronics ProgramStudents will use a basic knowledge of Python programming to create new Minecraft worlds and modifications, write music and more with a Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is a low cost, credit-card sized computer that plugs into a computer monitor or TV, and uses a standard keyboard and mouse. With the Raspberry Pi computer, students will be evaluated on their ability to construct and program a computer, as well as learning programming basics with Python, Minecraft and Sonic Pi. This beginner program will enable students to manipulate familiar video games, create music by writing code, and learn about the hardware that goes into a computer. The outcomes of the program are to teach students about the hardware of a computer, how to create Python-based programs, and provide them with a valuable tool to take home.


3D Printing

Students work to define a problem, ideate a solution, prototype and blueprint a design to 3-D print for a colony on a distant planet. In City X Project, humans have just landed on an alien planet, and they’ve staked out an area for their first city. Building a new city is difficult work, and they’re beginning to identify some challenges relating to health, safety, communication, transportation and more – problems that they need help to solve. Using the transmissions from the citizens of City X, students will help the citizens of City X by creating a thriving new world.


The Techtronics Program is funded through generous support from:

• The Capital Region Community Foundation – Youth Action Committee
• PNC Bank
• Jackson National Life Insurance Company
• The W.B. and Candace Thoman Foundation
• The Gannett Foundation