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It’s an exciting time to be a part of ITEC.Donation-graphic-1024x335 Donate Now

Your tax deductible contributions allow us to offer the programs that have touched the lives of students in schools and community destinations throughout Lansing.

We love what we do, and we believe in this community. We hope you will engage with our mission to enable Lansing area residents to acquire flexible, transferable technological skills that will allow them to participate in a fast-paced global economy.

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Give in-kind

We are always happy to receive donations of materials and tools for use in our classes. Below is a list of items that help support Techtronics and iMath programs, as well as ITEC office operations.

Flash drives for student use (all ITEC classes)
Tablets (for App Development classes)
Lego Robotics kits (for Lego Robotics classes)
Headphones (for iMath and Digital Media classes)
Laptops (all ITEC classes)
T-shirts (all ITEC classes)
Pencils, stickers, labels, file folders, notepads, portable storage bins, baskets/containers/vases/jars (for office support and incentive tracking in all ITEC classes)
Toner and copy paper (for office support)
Video cameras and tripods (for Digital Media classes)
Rechargeable batteries (for Lego Robotics classes)

 Contact Kirk at or (517-708-4391) for more information about donating the above or other items.